About me

Who am I?

I have been in real estate since March 2012, I didn’t have a burning desire to be in the industry it just kind of happened one day. Serendipity- fortunate accent of sorts! I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything else now it is inter grained into who i am, and I’ve managed to find a balance between work and what my family can tolerate!


We have two kids, Harry & Georgie, we laugh, argue, bribe and negotiate  with each other in the same way that every other family functions…. although i have played a lot of real estate training CD’s in the car as they have grown and their negotiation skills are a little more developed that i would hope… rookie mistake through and through.


We have just bought a new house in Sandford, after a 2.5 year search it is everything that we never knew that we wanted. Appearances aside (we have some renovation to do), it was important for our new home to be a ‘base’ of sorts, a destination. I wanted home to be a place that i never had to escape from, somewhere that i was happy to simply ‘be’. I’m not someone who takes Holidays, hopefully we can make Sandford a ‘holiday’ every weekend… or at least part of Sunday as its the day i usually have most of my time at home! That being said  our current 800m2 of land causes some mowing arguments from time to time, so i do wonder what 7 acres might bring!

Melinda (Mel)

This is me. Melinda or Mel officially but occasionally Melissa or Melanie too depending on the person, their memory or state of hearing!



Harry is a sweet little boy, I couldn’t be any prouder of him. He is also fantastic for tech support!



Georgie wants to be a ballerina… Whilst she looks like a ballerina, Ballet actually drives me crazy! Who knows where that is going to end up.

Selling with a family?

Selling a family home is a little bit different to selling a standard house. There is another layer that needs to lay across the campaign, without it you are going to struggle with the entire process. The funny thing is, that without this extra layer of service, understanding and strategy you are going to feel that something just isn’t quite right throughout the entire campaign, but you will never be able to put your finger on exactly what it is.


This doesn’t need to be an insanely stressful time for you, it is going to require a little bit of extra work but if you trust me with the strategy we can make it as pain free as possible. Making up the bulk of my transactions Family homes are where I specialise so if you would like the assistance of someone who knows how to make the process more manageable give me a call and we can find a way to make your sale work for you and your family.