I get it, fundraising can be a huge pain in the bottom and it is certainly a time sucker! The depressing part is, that once you take your time and aggravation (if only I could put a price on this part!) into account the returns can be fairly low.

What if I could show you a way to save time, make money and consequently spend more time doing the part of your job that you love best?


To combat ‘the fundraising drain’ I have introduced a new loyalty program where your business will be paid up to $1,000 for each house sale that is referred to me if:

  • A client of yours, has a house to sell or knows someone with a house to sell &
  • They receive or hear about your promotion (we can print and supply, or just supply the art work for you if you would like to distribute it) &
  • After learning about the offer, they contact me and mention you or your business.


That’s all you need to do!

Moving forward, I will email you monthly with any properties from your clients that I have for sale, with an update on their progress (I know how annoying it can be waiting for money to come in)

Once the property has sold and settled (money changes hands) we will write your business a cheque (we are old school like that) that you can pick up or we can mail out- how easy is that!!



Q. So what does “up to $1,000” mean, I know that real estate agents have a reputation for being a ‘little’ bit dodgy?

A. It’s all a little bit relative. Whilst I would love to be able to provide you with a long term success fundraising method for your business, to do so it needs to be viable for both of us. For properties that sell for < $250,000 I will give you $600 but for any properties that sell for > $250,000 I will give you $1,000


Q. How much can I earn through this program?

A. As much as you like, that’s the best bit! If I sell 10 properties for you then you could earn up to $10,000, If I sell 12 you could earn up to $12,000. More or less properties, the end result is up to you!


Q. Where do I get the flyers from?

A. Email/call me and I can answer any further questions and arrange delivery.


Really, it’s that simple!! So if you are ready to gain a little bit of financial freedom and start enjoying yourself again please don’t hesitate to send me an email today.




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