How to Avoid a Slow Sale

Author: Hobart Agent 1

If you want to sell your house quickly, we have some quick and easy tips to help you create your buyer’s dream home.

Once you’ve secured an excellent Hobart real estate agent (that is, if you’re in Hobart!), they’re going to be working really hard to get your property on the market for a great price. There’s some things that you can do to ensure the potential buyers all walk away with a fantastic impression of the property (and an urge to buy!).

Make your property appeal to the most buyers. Go for neutral, classic colour schemes if you’re giving the place a coat of paint. Even if your favourite colour is purple, it may not appeal to everyone. Bold or cheeky features sometimes present an obstacle to buyers, so tone it down until you can decorate your own new place.

Present the house well for sale. Potential buyers are trying to imagine how their things will fit into your house. If your family photos and personal items are on prominent display, it can distract and create ‘visual noise’. If you can’t bear to take down your photos, at least consider it for home opens. Presenting well also means outside – maintaining the lawns or hedges, and sweeping paths.

Wash your face. Well, sort of. If the front of your house is looking tired, a coat of paint can work wonders to brighten it up. If that’s not within your budget or timeframe, consider hiring a high-pressure pump and giving it a wash. Knocking off the accumulated dirt and other mess, along with replacing torn fly screens or loose gutters will reduce the buyers mental list of ‘things to spend money on to fix’.

Freshen up. Buyers are curious folk and will sometimes go through your home, opening every single door and cupboard. This may also include that closet that you’ve been trying to sort out for the last few seasons. Before you’re expecting an open house, open up every door and window (yes even that closet and the pantry) to let some fresh air in. That way curious people will find tidy, fresh spaces in your home instead of a space that’s a bit, well, stale.

The whole point of doing these things is to reduce the buyers reasons NOT to buy your property. If you can present a clean, fresh and neutral home, someone will walk in and immediately imagine their life starting within. Why leave obstacles in their path?

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