How to sell my house in winter

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There can be some reservations about selling a home in winter – it’s too dark, it’s too cold. There’s a feeling that the grey days will keep buyers away. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The Hobart real estate market is used to the colder weather, after all! There are some easy things you can do to encourage potential buyers out of the house and into yours for a look! And don’t worry about there being ‘no market’ in the cooler months. People’s lives aren’t scheduled by the weather – there will always be people looking to purchase a home, no matter the season.


Give the property a good wash on the exterior and pay special attention to keeping the windows clean to encourage more light into the house.

Keep the entryways clean, clear and non-slip, especially if it’s been wet.

Increase ‘curb appeal’ – make your place look great from the roadside. Freshen up the letterbox and pop potted winter flowers outside. Scrub up any dirty pathways and trim any deadwood in the garden (rake the leaves, too!).


If you’re going to host an open inspection, warm the place up, especially if it’s unoccupied. It feels more welcoming and people will feel relieved once they’ve stepped inside.

Consider creating a cozy atmosphere with a couple of tasteful candles and warming smells like biscuits baking etc.

Make a real feature of the wood fire stove, if you have one.

Stage your living areas and bedrooms with thick snuggly blankets and cushions – create every association with ‘warm’.

Provide a welcome mat, umbrella stand or coat rack for the visitors to the home open. It’s convenient and thoughtful for them, and prevents damage and extra clean up for you!

Follow all the usual steps about preparing for an open home inspection. Check out our article here to find out how to make the most of your home.

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