property value

What happens during an appraisal?

An appraisal is valuable on a few different levels. on the face of things it gives me a chance to see and get a feel for your home before listing. The process is however a two way street that not only enables me to formulate a suggested advertised price and  look as to where your property is likely to sit with your target market But also gives you the opportunity to decide if I am the right agent for you.


Every agent has their own strengths, mine lie in strategic marketing which has managed to get many of my clients out of a tight spot or two, that might not be for you and that’s ok!  


All of my market appraisals are obligation free, so please keep this in the back of your mind while booking an appointment. The initial appraisal is a very short appointment, you can expect that it will take around 20 minutes or so, I will have a quick chat with you to ensure that we address your primary concerns then ask you to show me through your property making notes as we go.


With this information I will compile a comprehensive report on your property including:  how it is likely to sit in the current market and who your major target segments are along with how we will reach them. We will then discuss some strategies around how we can aim for the best price in the best possible time frame. Please allow an hour and a half for this appointment, it is very important that you are not left with any questions about what we need to do to get you where you want to be.