Today I am “the big bad wolf”

Author: MelindaWarren

Its difficult to see your kids upset, its even more painful when there is nothing that you can do to ease their heartache, it is much much worse when they hold you personally responsible…

Our daughter Georgie (7) has a little friend that she met at preschool when she was 3, they were the best of friends from the end of week 1. There were squeals of excitement when they arrived and often sighs of sadness when one left first. They did everything together, including the voluntary Ballet lesson that the school offered.

Fast forward a year and Georgie’s little friend went to kinder a year early (January birthdays both of them. The little girl was due on Georgie’s Birthday, Georgie was due on the little girls birthday. Born one day apart they swapped due dates!). The little girls mum thought that maybe they could continue their friendship through dance class, so she joined Georgie’s dance group. Every week, class started and ended with a cuddle, things were good. The first dance school closed so we all moved to another, the girls were growing up but had one of those friendships where you could go a week without talking but on Saturday everything was as it should be again.

Around two months ago, I sold this little girls house so that their family could pick up and move the mainland. Georgie was ok with this, we discussed (in depth) all of the reasons that this was good for her little friend and made it into something positive. Everything was well enough until we went to say goodbye last night for the last time…. it probably didn’t help that i didn’t tell Georgie it was the last time until after we left… it was just a little difficult to actually say out loud.

she cried all the way home, to be honest I cried too…. a lot.

So today, Georgie loses her little friend and I have become the big bad wolf.

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