What is my house worth?

When determining what a house will likely sell for in the current Hobart real estate market, agents go through a process called a market appraisal. Basically this process involves looking though comparable recent sales in your area for a baseline price and then looking at the properties that are currently on the market to see where you would be best positioned in the current market.


There are two ways that we can start this process and really it depends on how close you are to selling:

  • If you are thinking about selling now then it is imperative that we make a very accurate comparison by physically visiting the house. pricing is one of the most important parts of your campaign and you cant afford for us to make guesses as to value without as many facts as possible. you can contact me with your property address and details HERE


  • However, if you are considering selling but don’t yet have a time frame then we can give you a rough idea of market value on-line with an “instant appraisal”.  You can request an instant appraisal HERE

The process varies depending on they type of appraisal and what your plans are, however an on-line appraisal can be returned usually within 48 hours and a physical appraisal is usually completed within 3 days (15 minutes at the property the rest of the time is looking at comparisons and publishing time frames).


There are no fees for either of these services.